“…every dollar saved on insurance costs is a dollar that can be used to supportthe true mission of the organization such as funding programs and services for our community”

Curis Benefits is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations fulfill their mission by providing insurance services that support the unique needs of charitable institutions.

Curis Benefits works with the full spectrum of nonprofit organizations including:

  • Educational, environmental and scientific organizations
  • Religious groups
  • Health and human service providers including children’s organizations
  • Cultural and artistic institutions
  • Membership groups such as credit unions
  • Fraternal organizations and homeowners associations
  • Family foundations

Why choose Curis Benefits for your organization's insurance coverages?

Nonprofit agencies choose Curis Benefits for a wide range of reasons. Many select us for our access to quality coverages, unbeatable rates and attentive, professional service. Others appreciate our years of experience specializing in insurance products exclusively for nonprofits. As one of North Carolina’s leading nonprofit insurance specialist we’re able to apply our knowledge and expertise to the advantage of our clients, finding them unique coverages, lower rates and better plans. Still others prefer us for our years of commitment and support to North Carolina ‘s nonprofit sector. They like taking advantage of our great insurance products, information & resources and cost savings.

Group Health Insurance

In today’s market, health insurance can place a huge strain on any nonprofit’s budget. Our insurance experts will provide you with free competitive health insurance quotes from all major insurance companies.

You’ll also have access to our creative programs designed to meet the unique needs of nonprofits. Our plans offer choices of traditional plans such as PPOs, POSs, and HMOs, along with the new Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Your employees can also enjoy flexibility and tax savings through Section 125, flexible benefit plans, and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs).

  • Largest Selection – Easy to read comparisons from leading insurance companies and our exclusive plans
  • Best Prices Available – Save money through comparison shopping and comprehensive benefit packages
  • Help and Advice – Our licensed professionals will help you find the best insurance for your organization

How To Shop For Employee Benefit Plans

Selecting the best insurance plan for your employees doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Health insurance and employee benefits have changed drastically over the past few years creating many choices in plan designs and price ranges. Curis Benefitswill help you understand your options and assist you in selecting the plan that best suits the needs of your employees and organization.

When Should You Shop

Most employee benefits plans, including your health insurance, are on a month to month arrangement with the carriers.So you don’t need to wait until your annual renewal to shop for health, dental, life and other employee benefits plans. If your employees’ needs or your organization’s finances have changed, contactCuris Benefits’ representative and we’ll help you review your options.

Using an Insurance Agent

An insurance agent, such as Curis Benefits, acts as your advocate with the insurance carrier. A good agent is knowledgeable in employee benefits, the marketplace and laws that affect your agency.They will provide you with competitive quotes from all the carriers available to you, as well as assist you in the review and selection of a plan.You should receive ongoing support from your insurance agent including assistance with problematic enrollments, billings and other administrative issues.

It doesn’t cost you to use an insurance agent. Because insurance companies are not set up to provide on-going customer service shopping and administrative support to consumers, they pay a fee to insurance agents to provide these services. A handful of employee benefit carriers, such as BCBS of NC, allow the consumer to enroll directly with them. However, this direct access of the carrier doesn’t save you any money and leaves you without an advocate when such issues as billing and claims issues arise.

The Shopping Process

After insuring nonprofits for more than twenty years, we’ve developed an expertise shopping and designing plans that best meet the needs of both your employees and organization.

This is the process we’ll use in assisting you:

1. We’ll ask you for information about your needs and your staff. We’ll only ask for information that we absolutely need to provide you with plan designs and costs. We’ll provide you written, comprehensive quotes showing various coverages and premiums.

2. We’ll review the plan options with you. And we’ll help you design a benefits package that provides your employees with the best coverage for the lowest cost.

3. Once you’ve selected one or more plans, our staff will assist you with the entire enrollment process (it’s important not to cancel your current coverage until you receive approval on your application from the new carrier). We’ll review your enrollment materials to make sure they’re complete, submit them to the carrier, and follow-up to make sure the enrollment process is proceeding smoothly.